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Updated June 2022  ...  New Menorca Beach!! )   Plus at least one more to come in Autumn 2022. All booked and packed (Yes I know it's two

 weeks away...)!

First thing - the host is changing server to Vistaprint and there has been trouble with renewing subscription.

As recompense I have been given a year's fees free!  Thanks Webs.com, good customer service! 

Hearing that Carlyon Bay, Cornwall is no longer naturist.

Please bear in mind that all these reports (apart from Slovenia) are from my personal visits and may not be as up-to-date as we'd like.

 I can't go everywhere each year so if anything has changed, please e-mail  [email protected]    Thanks.

Dates for the 2023 Summer Camp (Dorset) when they are announced.

On a tech' note - some of the pages are a bit chaotic, pictures appear where they shouldn't!  

Every beach has its correct pictures first though. I'm working on it..

** Don't consider going to Turkey - you'll have no chance of nude sun. **


Also - September 2021 update;  Birling Gap parking now £5 all day, free to NT members - also free parking on the approach road.

You can also pay in the NT shop (not café).n There is a bus service from Eastbourne but it's somewhat sporadic.

Covid update - Menorca

June 16 2022 and just back from Menorca. I experienced no vaccination checks at any time. I still had my Covid pass on my phone but was never asked for it.

  The only concession to the pandemic is - masks are compulsory on public transport (I assume taxis too) and advised elsewhere. Don't try the "Why should I wear a mask?" ploy - it won't work. No mask - no bus.


Because Covid is no longer an "unforeseen event", you may NOT be covered by travel insurance for this.  Check your policy details!



Hello all! Never good to start with a WARNING but due to heavy rains, Birling Gap, Sussex, UK was deemed dangerous due to cliff falls 30 September 2019 so be warned. If you go and get squished, we are not responsible! However it seemed OK September 2021 but the warning still applies as it does with all cliffs.

    Any update welcome to my email, [email protected]

      I hear that Banana Beach, Skiathos, Greece is in jeopardy as a developer has bought large amounts of land around the beach. 

Any update welcome, I'm not going specifically to investigate!

        Contributions welcome; e-mail [email protected]

      I know the site is a bit hap-hazard but so am I; you may find pages duplicated. I'm working on it...

       Quick boring bit - you are responsible for your own actions on any location regarding the law, possible cliff falls, strong currents, tides, wasps and other natural hazards. Here at Sunaked Towers we cannot and will not accept responsibility. These reviews are as I find the beaches and campsites on the day I visit.  Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but photographs, leave the beach as you'd expect to find it - litter-free. Oh - looking for sexual content? Go elsewhere.  There is none here.

"UK 1" page;

 Studland Bay, Leysdown, Calshot, Botany Bay, Ringstead Bay, Birling Gap, Brighton, Bradwell-on-sea, St. Osyth (now a Mecca for pervs), Morfa Dyffryn.

This section might be updated but no more beaches added. New entries will appear in UK 3 page.

"UK 2" page;

Normans Bay (Updated July 2019), Camber Sands (Sussex), Burton Bradstock, Budleigh Salterton (both Devon) - Holkham  and Winterton-on-sea ** WINTERTON-ON-SEA (UK) UPDATE DECEMBER 2020 - ON UK2 PAGE. **  (both Norfolk, UK), both huge beaches; on a good day you'll spot the seals (I wouldn't approach one too closely, they're quite big - I imagine they bite too!).

This section might be updated but no more beaches added. New entries will appear in UK 3 page.

"UK 3" Page

 Strete Gate (Slapton) and Weston Mouth, both Devon, Meon in Hampshire. Church Norton (West Sussex) and Samphire Hoe (Abbots Cliff) added in a bare (in more ways than one!) 2020.

       Beaches abroad will be added to the relevant section and mentioned here. 

        So, without further ado, browse on - and please sign the guest book. Please do this; the site has had over 5,000 hits (Best month rattled up 616!) yet only one entry. This site costs me, plus all the fuel and camping fees. A trip to Devon cost me over £200!  It'll cost you nothing (sniff). Mind you, a good trip. Thanks.